Monday, October 29, 2007

The Start of the Halloween Season!

If you noticed in the title, I use the term "Halloween Season," because Halloween seems to last for a very long time around here. We start by getting our costumes early. We have the farmers harvesting all around us and there seems to be endless parties and activities for the kids.

Last Friday night was no exception. Colin was at the high school state play-off game for football, Christopher was in Lincoln seeing the Broadway touring company of "Hairspray," and Daren and I were taking Cameron and Laura to the LDS Ward "Harvest" party. The Primary was in charge of the "Cake Walk." I re-named it "Candy Walk." I just couldn't bring myself to having to clean up ground-in cake and cupcakes out of the carpet. ~I know, what a selfish mom! We had a great time. We have a new activities chair and that helped so much!
We also had Stake Conference this week-end. It was a great two days! I love the Saturday evening Adult meeting. I have learned that some of the most priceless and deep bits of wisdom are shared at that meeting. --OK, maybe it's really the fact that I am not wrestling with anyone and I can actually concentrate on each and every word being spoken. There were many talks about being prepared. I was really inspired to work on my organizational skills. I really have let some of that go and I know I could being so much more if I was just a bit on top of the game instead of underneath it all!
I have grand plans...I'll have to keep everyone posted on how it is going.
I developed out one of my "pay-it forward" packages last night. Bought "moon-cakes." FUN! I love them. I'm sure I stayed way too long in my visiting but it was fun.
Daren was sick this week-end but we had a few people over for soup on Saturday night. We made Beef Stew, Taco Soup and Marie Calendar's--cheesy potato soup. YUM! I then invited the four missionaries over on Sunday to help eat the left-overs. NICE!

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Amazed said...

Fun weekend! I love the "season!"