Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Can There Really Only Be One Defining Moment?

December 29 – Defining Moment. Describe a defining moment or series of events that has affected your life this year.

When I think of defining moments I have some real strong emotions from the year. There were many defining moments this year. Many "firsts" in the Snider house. Oldest son graduated from High School. Sent said "oldest" child off to BYU. Oldest son got his mission call to serve an LDS mission in Mexico-Tijuana Mission. Took oldest son to the Winter Quarters Temple in Omaha. Had my teaching load at UNK cut by 50 percent. Learned that I could do other things. De-junked a house. Had some moments where I wasn't at my "best." Learned that there are consequences to not always being "Christ-like". Applied and was accepted to a Masters degree program. 2010 was a year full of defining moments.

The one "moment" for me this year that sticks out in my mind as defining was when I found out I could only teach three classes at UNK for the semester. Daren and I just didn't know how we would be able to make it with the loss of income. We did indeed survive and feel like it was a real blessing. When you trust in Heavenly Father to answer prayers it is amazing what he does with your life. It was amazing for me to see how much I stand in the way of good things happening for me.

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Kate said...

I just love how things just always seem to work out. The Lord is truly aware of us. Glad your family is doing well. I always wonder what the new year will hold, and what I will be writing about this time next year....