Monday, January 26, 2009


I want to start out on this lovely Monday morning with the following: A little “MEME” history. The word is "meme". It's pronounced "meeeeeem" with the long e sound. Not me-me. The definition is [noun]. A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another. I just thought I'd share since everyone always follows the word with a conversation that begins with "How do you say that word?" or "What exactly is a meme?"

One thing I won’t let my husband buy me…..craft supplies. On the other hand, he has pretty good taste in books so I always love it when he shares a good title with me.

One thing I would love to have, but I probably will never have……..a boat. I grew up on or near the water. I love everything water. I love sailing. I love water skiing. I love house boating. I love the water. We don’t live so near that much water and so having a boat isn’t on the priority list.

One thing you will never find in my closet…………big, pink, fluffy slippers. I am not a slipper wearer. I’m bare feet all the way.

One thing I would choose if I were having elective surgery………I would have a tummy-tuck. I really would like to have my flat stomach back again.

One thing I love about my face……… now straight teeth and smile. Love it!

One thing that I would love to do………..add on one more bedroom to our house and push out the wall in the master bedroom and bath to make a “master suite.”

One thing I would like to change if I could…I would change some of the events that have happened since I have moved to Kearney. I think I have much more wisdom and am just more controlled in my life than I was nine years ago. “Oh, the wisdom of the past.”

One thing I would change as a mom………..I would just have fun with my children more and also teach them to have a stronger testimony of the gospel. I would pray with them more and teach the doctrines of the gospel to them more.

One thing I would do if I had unlimited money………..I would just “serve” everyone around me. I would build more “Habitat for Humanity” houses. O would make it my mission to have all children in the world know how to read. BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS!

One thing I that I will not do again……….get married. I plan on being with Daren for a very, very long time. Eternity if I get my way.

One thing that I would like to do……….go back to Italy and take along some great friends to share it with.

One thing I could do without……………liver, physical pain and wasted energy on things we can’t change.

One thing I love to smell……fresh baked bread; the inside of a “See’s Candy” store; babies after they have had a bath.

One thing I would do if I won the lottery……..That probably won’t happen because I don’t plan on buying a lottery ticket.

One thing that infuriates word when they come out wrong. My actions when they could have been better.

One thing that I love about winter………..I will be thinking about this one for a very long time. YOU KNOW I DON’T LIKE WINTER!

One thing I am addicted to ………..Facebook; blogging; taking pictures of my family and friends; buying fabric and paper.

One thing I pray for………….for my kids. I also pray that Daren’s job won’t be cut at the University. It’s not looking for good for higher education in Nebraska. Let’s just pray that $ situations change.

One thing I wish I had………our house and our student loans paid off.

One thing I would do again, regardless of the pain…give birth to my wonderful children. Graduate from college.

One thing that I absolutely hate to do………run errands. Keep the paper trail under control at my house. *LOAD THE DISHWASHER.

One thing that is weird about me………..I like to have a very clean car. I know that isn’t all that weird but I really consider my car a very little bit of heaven. I spend so much time in the car that I need it to be a fun place to be.

One thing that I need help on…….carrying groceries in the house after a big shop.

One thing I find most relaxing………..A massage or pedicure by Daren or one of the kids. NICE!

One thing that could get me in trouble………having too much free-time. The busier I am the better.

One thing that annoys me...when my children don’t flush the toilet. Also socks in the dirty clothes that are not turned inside out.

One thing I dread; therefore, don’t do very often……..going in for my supposedly “yearly” exams. I really don’t like going to the doctors. I especially don’t like having someone weigh me. I need to change that this year.

One thing that I have learned, but still sometimes forget……take 24 hours to think over an action before you do it. It will surprise you what that 24 hours will save you in the long run.


Anonymous said...

Hi this is a completely random comment and feel free to delete if you don't have time for such a bizzarre requset. I am a member of the church from scotland. I am guessing you are lds too. I found your blog on a google search while trying to find out about copyright law. I wanted to use a few liz lemon paintings for a display for an enrichment night and wasn't sure if I was allowed to or not. It seems like you have gained permission to use liz Lemons work. I wasn't sure if I was able to use it under the fair use part of copyright law or if that was stretching it. My email is If you can help id appreciate I love her work and wanted to share it with the sisters for an art appreciation display but i dont want to do anything dishonest.

Kind Regards

Lynne Anderson

Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

I think there is nothing wrong with using her paintings for a display at an Enrichment night. I think her paintings bring a wonderful spirit to any lesson or activity. I think as long as we are not using her work for our profit and for personal use it is OK.

Ann in NE

Amazed said...

Good answers to the meme. Actually, another site pronounces it "mim." Whatever! They are fun to do!