Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kurt Bestor Column~Kurt Bestor Column

Saw this today on facebook. Kurt Bestor wrote an article for "Wasatch Women." Now I don't live on the Wasatch front anymore and neither do most of my blog and internet friends, so I thought I would share. ENJOY! Check Kurt Bestor's website. He is a great musician and I like his music! http://www.kurtbestor.com/

Brawn vs. beauty
Behind every strong man is a stronger woman
by Kurt Bestor
I have a theory about which is really the stronger gender. Now, I haven't tested this like Galileo dropping rotten fruit off the Tower of Pisa or like Einstein contemplating relativity at a lonely train station. But — after observing approximately half the earth's "better looking" population for the last four decades, I think I know what I'm talking about here. In short: women rule the world. I know, I know. History books (written mostly by bespectacled old male university professors I might add) are full of examples of chieftains, generals and dictators flexing their muscles as they conquer another country or two before clocking out for the day. Marvel comics and Warner Brothers Pictures depict testosterone-laden superheroes with bulging biceps righting a capsizing ocean liner, taking on an entire rogue army and deftly swooping up a swooning maiden on the way home from the office. Even now, as I put pen to paper here, I'm watching a massive Olympic weightlifter hoist barbells the size of a large 747 over his head on his way to a gold medal. But look a little deeper and I think you'll see just who is ruling the roost. Even the most powerful despot and influential leader has to come home and, after he kisses little Genghis and tussles Napoleon Junior's hair, gets an unsolicited critique of his job. "I can't believe you invaded that country today, after promising me you would stop after Mesopotamia!" "Isn't that just typical — you get a few extra shekels and you can't help but buy a new chariot!" Houses throughout history and kitchens across all continents have always resonated with the same feminine power. "Before you go downstairs to plan your next pillage and plunder, I need you to take out that stinking garbage." Yes, as sure as that apple hitting Newton on the head, this theory needs no proving. In the meantime, we men will continue with the only jobs t
at are left to us — that of being "breeding stock" and reaching for the soup cans on the highest shelf. Oops ... hang on a sec ... Wish I could stay, but I got a jar of pickles that my wife needs opening.

When not writing music for films, CDs and his very popular holiday concerts — Emmy-award-winning composer/performerKurt Bestor can be found hiking and camping in the picturesque mountains behind his home. The father of two girls, he and wife Petrina make their home in Salt Lake City. You can follow Kurt on his Web site, www.kurtbestor.com


Annie Hall said...

That was awesome! Thanks for sharing!

chekhovforever said...

Hey, Ann! I really appreciate the detail of your review. Thank you, I feel like now I have quite a good grasp of what the movie is all about. I, too, that Stephanie Meyer hadn't sold out to Hollywood quite so fast. Do you get the feeling that this film was made somewhat hastily? Oh, well. Now let's write about vampires in the cornfields, OK? Just kidding. We both know that it would be banned from those cornfield schools! (just as Harry Potter was)

Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

You are so funny! Carrie, I think we can come up with a great novel of our own. I think graveyards and housewives and ....You get the picture! Have a great week-end in CO!