Thursday, September 11, 2008

Only 200 More Pages~!

I am madly reading the last few pages of "Breaking Dawn" so I can get my life back! Reading is such a good thing. But when books are 750 pages it takes a bit to blast through them. I just don't have big chunks of time right now to let other areas of my life go so that I can just sit and read.

I taught Institute class last night. This was my second week. Institute is like seminary for LDS college age young adults. We have a nice little crowd coming. We have a list of 80 that might or should come. I don't know where that many kids are. So many go inactive at this age that it makes my heart just ache. More than really, really hurts. Don't they know how much we love and miss them and how much their Father in Heaven loves them and wants them to be living the gospel?

Institute class is just one of those blessings that really blesses the teacher so much more than the students. At least I think so. Last night I taught a lesson about "Receiving Guidance from the Holy Ghost." WOW! I don't even think I really know all that can come by having the guidance of the Holy Ghost all the time in my life. I learned so much. There is a great talk by Elder Richard G. Scott, given back in 1989. Elder Scott gives ten sub points about how we can have the guidance of the Holy Ghost in our lives. You can find it in the Ensign, November 1989, page 30-32.

I'll share just one point. Elder Scott responds to the question about "How can we be more spiritually sensitive to the promptings of the Spirit?" Elder Scott explains: "Nephi's efforts to obtain the plates of brass show how the principles work. When the older brethren were asked to go, they murmured and received no help. Nephi was assured, 'Thou shalt be favored of the Lord, because thou hast not murmured' (1Nephi 3:6). Nephi's words 'I will go and do' reveal a positive commitment to act and to succeed by using spiritual law (1 Nephi 3:7). "

"After two unsuccessful attempts, Nephi remained confident. He crept into the city toward the house of Laban without all the answers. He observed, 'I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do,' significantly adding, 'Nevertheless I went forth'(1 Nephi 4:6-7). 'Nephi was willing to try time and again, using his best efforts. He expressed faith that he would be helped. He refused to be discouraged. But because he acted, had confidence in the Lord, was obedient, and properly used his agency, he received guidance. He was inspired step after step to success, and in his mother's words was 'given...power[to] accomplish the thing which the Lord hath commanded' (1 Nephi 5:8).

"Nephi knew he was required to confide in God, to exercise faith, and to act so that he could receive help, step by step. He did not murmur nor ask for a full explanation. But, observe particularly, he did not wait passively for help. He acted! By following spiritual law, he was inspired and given power to act."

Love this point in Elder Scott's talk.

I really will get back to posting everyday in just 200 more pages. Be patient! I promise to come back.


Amazed said...

Is New Moon and Breaking Dawn the same?

I LOVED your thoughts on receiving the Spirit. I especially loved the "not murmuring" one since I've been doing that a lot lately...and I NEED help! I'm going to copy off the whole talk and study it some more! Thanks!

Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

Oh my! It must be so confusing to follow my blogs. I meant I was reading "Breaking Dawn." I am done. I'm going to blog about it in my next blog entry.