Monday, July 7, 2008

How Many Days Til My Birthday?--And A Little Report On My Teaching!

LET ME GIVE A BIG "SHOUT-OUT" FIRST TO JOSH MCADAMS FOR MAKING THE OLYMPIC TEAM IN THE STEEPLE-CHASE! Josh is the brother to a dear friend of mine, Christy! Way to go Josh! Go and Make Us Proud!
So if you are counting days until my birthday, you know that I have my birthday in 9 days! That's right 9 days until I turn 46! Who would have thought!? Me, that old! I feel 35. And I act 16. No, I have common sense, so maybe that moves to 30. HAR!HAR! I love birthday's and I love to celebrate my birthday with as many people as possible. REALLY! The more the merrier. You are all invited!
Today was the beginning of my second week of teaching for the summer. I split a class with another instructor--OK we split four classes! So that means that I teach 25 days, everyday! It's been hard getting back in the swing of teaching. I haven't been in the classroom except for Primary for almost two months! I forget how much I LOVE MY JOB! ~so long because of surgery and then my trip...:)
This summer I have 38 students from Japan, 2 from Turkey and a handful from China. I enjoy the smaller classes although it is hard to keep up the pace for four classes each day! The students are gentle and really want to learn. They bring so much to my life and I can share my beliefs, my goals and my family with them. I teaching four classes of Academic Speaking. How fun is that?! A LOT!
Daren and I are trying to re-work on some of the goals we have made in life. One thing that has been nagging us both, is that we want to become the couple in the ward that shines with the glow of the spirit. People that other people just love to be around. Daren has a great quality to be able to just walk into a room and love everyone. With me, I can do that with complete strangers but with the LDS ward here, I have become very protective of myself and my feelings. I think I often give off the vibe that I don't like you, when in fact that is the farthest thing from the truth.
So for this MONDAY, I am taking advice from people about how you think I might be able to improve on being able to love everyone. I mean truly love them. Now remember some of the people that I deal with at church have been critical of me and my family and some of things I do as a leader. It's hard to be in charge sometimes. Anyway, I am open to any and all suggestions. What has worked for you? Are you working on the same things in your own life? Thanks in advance for sharing!

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Mary said...

Happy almost Birthday!! I love ya!!