Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I have been looking back over the last few posts and
I just started back teaching yesterday and will teach everyday for 25 days. It's going to be fun. I love teaching. It's so much fun. I will miss my time at the swimming pool, but I will just have to make myself go in the evenings more with the kids. :) FUN!
So for this random post, if you read this will you just leave me some kind of post. ANY KIND OF POST WILL DO!
Thanks. Have a great one. Isn't summer great?!


Michal said...

hi ann! i will admit that i am way behind in blog reading--i have about three of your posts still unread in my google reader. but i am still here. just behind. and will probably get more behind before i catch up, since we are leaving town tonight for two weeks.
have fun teaching! and thanks again for writing for my writing contest.

Kate said...

I also leave getting comments and feedback on my posts. It makes me feel as if my writing is not in vain, and i'm not just talking to myself. I read all your posts, and I am so jealous that you get to travel. Heart.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,
I am feeling better and my back is feeling better than it has in years! I may have fixed it GOOD! I am still healing but my leg nerve pain I have had for years disapearing fast! Yea! Julie

texastwo said...

Hey girl!
I suck at leaving comments, but I do read your cute blog!
We will be traveling through your town this summer on the way to Wyoming. Let's plan on getting together!