Wednesday, February 20, 2008

100 Things About Me...I was tagged by Mary!

Mary was so right! It's hard to think of yourself when you have to think of 100 things.
I really needed this right now. I feel so good about myself as I read back over the list.
ENJOY! And--leave a comment....

100 Things about me…

1. I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah—St. Mark’s—the old one.
2. I was raised in San Diego, California—I know, somebody has to live the rough life.
3. I didn’t own a winter coat until I went on an LDS mission at the age of 21. Even then I had to buy a real “German” winter coat because the winter coat my grandmother and mother sewed for me wasn’t thick enough.
4. I am an only girl. I LOVE IT! Most days I wouldn’t change it.
5. I am not a big animal lover. We have a dog because we have a child who needs one.
6. I love to serve other people. I would go broke if I could just give to others all the time.
7. I love the scriptures. I love to have deep spiritual insight given to me.
8. I use to be so shy I would cry if you looked at me.
9. I played “bobby-sox” when I was younger—softball.
10. I was a synchronized swimmer for many years. —Waterballet for those of you who don’t know what synchronized swimming is. It’s an Olympic sport.
11. I was the social planner with my friend Valerie for many a young single adult in San Diego. I love a good party and I know how to plan one.
12. Once I invited all of the “geeks” in the world to my best friend’s birthday party. They were the first to come and the last to leave. She still hasn’t forgotten! Surely forgiven though.
13. I use to work for a circus. CIRCUS VARGAS…the world’s largest traveling big top circus. I was a marketing director and traveled to a city a month buying radio, TV and newspaper time for the circus. It was a fun job.
14. I know way too much about elephants and what they are capable of doing if not fed on a regular basis.—I spent a few times digging in dumpsters to fed them.
15. I have served as Enrichment Counselor in Relief Society 8 times.
16. I served a mission in Hamburg, Germany.
17. I love to watch basketball. I use to be a huge Utah “JAZZ” fan.
18. I was a “good-will” ambassador for the United States Information Agency.
19. I have stayed in many a “Youth Hostel” and love it.
20. I have no patience for people who are unkind and don’t like to give 110 % to their callings or jobs.
21. I eloped to the LDS Salt Lake Temple. 50 people came.
22. I have three sons and a daughter. What a great family!
23. My nephew, Steven, when he first met me spit in my face. —I loved his dad’s reaction the best.
24. I love to travel.
25. I love the color yellow. —It is truly a “happy” color.
26. I love more music than I can list here.
27. Right now I am an “American Idol” fan.
28. I don’t have a favorite TV show. It’s too slow and I have to sit down to watch something and I just can’t stand to do that.
29. I like an empty sink and clean dishes.
30. I like to do all my laundry on one day.
31. I love clean windows.
32. I love the sunshine. WARMTH!
33. I love to eat good food.
34. I have some great friends who are very kind to me.
35. I love to shop at Target. Don’t even get me started on Wal-Mart.
36. I teach International Students from 42 countries at UNK and get paid for it.
37. I serve as Primary President right now in my LDS Ward.
38. I would love to take my family to see all their relatives. I miss my family and Daren’s family way too much.
39. I miss my DAD! Alzheimer’s is the worst!
40. I once had an article published by Deseret Book.
41. I love the ocean and wish I could live on the beach for the rest of my life.
42. I speak fluent German.
43. I had a natural childbirth with Laura. Wouldn’t do it again.
44. I love to read the newspaper.
45. I read A LOT! Example: Over Christmas Break I read about 2500 pages.
46. I have an addictive personality.
47. I love to take pictures.
48. I love to see my children succeed.
49. I love to see the faces of other people when I buy them the perfect gift.
50. I am happiest, as the days get longer.
51. I once fell pushing my brother in the wagon and almost ripped my ear off.
52. I had my gallbladder out and almost died. —I’m telling the truth. Just ask to see my scare.
53. I keep my car very clean. I love a clean car. I need one clean and organized place in my life.
54. I don’t hang up my clothes when I take them off.
55. I brush my teeth three minutes twice a day.
56. I still toilet paper and play practical jokes on people. I love it!
57. I love a good bargain.
58. I spend way too much!
59. I only each Nebraska beef!
60. The grossest thing I have ever eaten is raw hamburger spread on bread. It’s a German thing.
(I’m OK if you just don’t tell me what it is first…)
61. I could live on Chinese food. –And Mexican and ….I love food!
62. My secret dream is to complete a half marathon. Just complete it!
63. I sneak a Dr. Pepper about once a month! Please don’t tell Daren.
64. I dye my own hair. I would be totally gray if I didn’t.
65. I love to dress nicely! I always say: “It’s OK to be poor, but just not poorly dressed.”
66. I only own one pair of jeans.
67. I only make my bed when I have to.
68. I love fabric and paper.
69. I hate scary movies of any kind. Don’t even go there!
70. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” is my all-time favorite movie! Seriously.
71. I took way too many piano lessons not to play better but I just don’t like to count.
72. I took care of my nephews and nieces while my brother went to Egypt.
73. My first “love” was an English boy!
75. I married my best friend. Daren and I were friends long before we ever “dated.”
76. I love to laugh.
77. I once had a girl rub her foot on my leg during dinner. I had no idea she was gay. EEK!
78. That last comment was just gross. Sorry! I was a big flirt growing up.
79. I use to go to Disneyland twice a year most of my growing up years.
80. I know how to get to the “nude” beach in San Diego. The boys say it’s the best “surfing” beach around. BLACK’S BEACH.
81. I was once kidnapped out of bed and taken to breakfast for my 40th birthday. Without my glasses and without a bra. I’m glad I didn’t have my glasses on! J
82. I think a perfect day is in the summer. A barbeque or picnic on the beach—not many of those in Nebraska. So I just love to be in the park or backyard having a great time in the sun with water of some kind of course!
83. I bleed “red.” I graduated from the University of Utah.
84. I love a good batch of brownies. Really good brownies.
85. Arcades drive me crazy. I never let my kids play in them.
86. I love to be in the temple.
87. Sheri Dew is one of my heroes. Along with Mary Ellen Edmunds, Michael Wilcox, and …
88. I wish I had a testimony of visiting teaching.
89. Dickie is my best girl friend.
90. I go to Europe in 97 days.
91. Marriage is hard work. I think it is worth it! OK, Daren is in Boston for five days with his brother, Phil. No, I really love being married.
92. I didn’t married until I was 28.
93. I love my cell-phone.
94. I’m a calendar-carrying girl. I have to be organized.
95. I love to see the world through a child’s eye. Example: Cameron asked me the other day if Saint Nicholas was on Jesus’ team? Go figure.
96. I drive a mini-van.
97. I have to eat popcorn every day.
98. I had braces on my teeth at age 40.
99. I have never been on a cruise. I would love to!
100. I helped teach two girls after my mission who got baptized and are still very active in the church. One of them went on to serve a mission, get married in the temple and has 6 children of her own. She is the only member in her family. LOVE IT!


Valerie Y. said...

You made me laugh!! I keep finding photos from that fateful party refered to in #12 (we must have gotten triple prints or something!) - forgiven, yes - forgotten, never!! My kids think it's pretty funny.
And I even recently found a Mr. T party favor from that night!!

Good times my friend, good times!!

Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

That is so great! I haven't forgotten those great times either. Life here in the ward has been a "Drama." I happen to be the target of some of right now. A Primary President who just wants to have fun!

Thanks for all those fun times.

Your "winner" gift is on it's way as we speak! TRULY! I didn't forget.! ENJOY!

Michal said...

that was fun to read. 100 things sounded like a lot--like a very long post-- but it was fun!

i hate wal mart too. a lot. and LOVE target.

how do you get all your laundry done in one day? i can't do that.

and it was really funny that you said in 45 that you had read 2500 pages over the holidays and then put that 46 was that you have an addictive personality. 45 made that kind of obvious!:) lol.

Mary Woodman said...

my brother spit in your face?!?! I don't remember that!! I beat my dad came unglued!! I wonder if Steve remembers...what was he, 3? Too funny!! Loved your 100 things

Mary Woodman said...

my brother spit in your face?!?! I don't remember that!! I beat my dad came unglued!! I wonder if Steve remembers...what was he, 3? Too funny!! Loved your 100 things