Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Elmo on Ice--Or ?"

Laura, our little friend, Grant and Cameron!
Elmo on Ice, January 2008
A few days ago a friend in the ward--this sweet friend who just happens to be a newscaster at the local TV station--asked if I would like to have four tickets to "Elmo on Ice." She claims she is too old for ELMO! Well, I took the tickets! Cameron has his fifth birthday coming up next week and I so I thought it would be fun to take him and a little friend from the ward. Laura, who I thought would be too old, also wanted to go! FUN TIMES AHEAD!

So, we paid $5.00 to park in VIP parking. There's no walking too far for this woman--especially with three small children in tow and with being 15 degrees out. We entered the arena--that's where it all started. COTTON CANDY--$4.00; ELMO BALLOONS--$8.00; LIGHT SPINNER-THINGS--$12.00. I just shake my head and think: "I don't think I would really pay $22.00 a ticket for this show and then pay this outlandish amount for some simple snacks." The whole evening had I paid for the tickets and all would have been about $150.00. That is just amazing.

--So, I am so grateful for a sweet friend who wanted my children to enjoy a wonderful evening just being kids. Thank you!

So for those of you who missed a fun-filled evening--here are some of fun we enjoyed!

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