Thursday, December 13, 2007

See Mom Run! Can She Keep Up the Pace? Stay tuned...

It seems like forever since I have had two minutes to sit down! A typical day lately seems to start before the sun rises and ends with me falling into bed around midnight! It's just crazy!

Cameron had his two preschool "Christmas" programs. They were both very cute. Daren has been a little apprehensive with him going to Zion Lutheran Preschool in the mornings and First Baptist in the afternoons and then the "Mormon" church on Sundays. Cameron has done very well and I think he really gets the whole Christmas is about Jesus. He was thrilled to play King Herod's soldier at one of the Christmas programs and then last Sunday he got to be a wise man in Primary! Cameron has the world's longest list for Christmas wants. He adds something new everyday! Thank you Television! :(

Laura's Christmas is a little sad this year. She found out through some conversations with me and some other's that there really isn't a Santa Claus. This sad discovery lead to no more Easter Bunny, or Tooth Fairy. So sad. Eight is a hard age. She still wants to be a little girl but also wants to be thought of as a young lady. She will be baptized on January 19th. She is so excited. We also have a very fun birthday planned for her on December 22! That will just have to be a whole separate blog! Laura had a wonderful dance recital and her school Christmas program is coming up next week. I am helping with her school party! FUN! Polar Express. One of my favorites.

Christopher and Colin have been very busy with school programs, band concerts and all the other activities that keep young men busy. They both are great helpers with Christmas shopping and I really enjoy their company! They were both very specific with their "wants" this year. NICE!

I have really been using Amazon A LOT this year. Free shipping and you can't beat the prices. We had a package of DVD's stolen off of our porch and Amazon replaced the package for free. It was great! Just in case you are wondering, the DVD's were: "Fiddler on the Roof," "The King and I," and "Joseph and the..Dreamcoat." Our children have always loved musicals. "Fiddler on the Roof" seems to be the favorite for this week.

Daren and I are winding down the semester with finals and grades and all the events that a professor and his wife need to be at! I love it! Daren tolerates it! Daren will be having major surgery next week and so his Christmas will be a little calmer than the rest of ours. The doctors told him to plan on three to six weeks of recovery time.! Just in time to start the new semester. Daren is a VERY PRIVATE person and so no one here knows about his surgery. I did tell the bishop but that was all! For me that means no support system. For Daren that means that he gets to be private. Just the way he likes it. I love him!

I am continuing to plug away on the Christmas decorating and presents for everyone. I will post some pictures later of all the fun!

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