Friday, October 5, 2007

True Friday Happiness! --and "white rabbit" candy

These are images of Chinese "White Rabbit" candy. One of my favorite treats. You can read about it below. You really must try some! ~
It's Friday~! Really, truly Friday! I am so ready for the week-end, especially this week-end. I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE! I have in the last 20 years really learned to value that time to sit and reflect and hear words of wisdom fro the leaders of the LDS church!

So what am I doing on this fine Friday afternoon? Well, I just got done getting my keys out of my car after I locked them in there at 12:30 PM! Glad Daren and I are work on campus together so he can come bail me out! I am now back in my office having my mandatory "office hour." My students this semester just don't come to see me. And most importantly, I am eating Chinese "White Rabbit" candy. It's the best. I love it. I think that sometimes--now I only think this sometimes--that this candy is better than chocolate. It's that good. If you haven't tried "White Rabbit" candy you really should hunt some down and try it. Our Student Union-campus store carries it. Oh I am so grateful. I think it's like $1.75 a bag. Comes in many fancy favors but my personal favorite is the "original" favor. Simple ingredients: Corn starch syrup, cane sugar, butter and milk. How simple is that? There are about 40 pieces in a bag. There are 8 pieces per serving with 160 calories and only 2.5 grams of fat. Even has a little calcium and iron in it. YUM! YUM! What I love most about the candy is that it is wrapped in rice paper. You can eat the paper. Not the outside wrapper with the rabbit on it, but the one on the inside. Very fun! My kids love it.

So if you have a chance enjoy some "white rabbit" candy today!


Anonymous said...

I looked up "White Rabbit Candy" on line. They have attacked a few times but have always come out fine.(See Below)
White Rabbit Candy May Be Tainted

Jeanette Pavini

(CBS 5) BURLINGAME White Rabbit is a popular milk candy brand made in China. It's sold in dozens of countries including the U.S.

Health officials in the Philippines ordered it removed from shelves after they claim they found formaldehyde in the candy -- a cancer-causing chemical.

But the Bay Area company that distributes it, said the tainted product is counterfeit.

Queensway Foods in Burlingame is the sole U.S. distributor for the popular White Rabbit Candy imported from China, and the company said there's no evidence of formaldehyde tainting in authentic White Rabbit Candy.

"All of our products that has been imported has been permitted by the FDA to be sold in retail markets," said
Victor Lo of Queensway.

He noted that it's very easy to tell if the White Rabbit on the stores shelves is counterfeit. The counterfeit will not have the Queensway logo on the front.

In addition to packaging without a logo, the counterfeit candy does not include nutritional information or an expiration date like the authentic candy.

A report released by the Shanghai Consumer Testing Services found no detection of formaldehyde in the product provided by the manufacturer.

The manufacturer said counterfeiting domestically and overseas is rampant.

This follows several other product safety concerns from China. The Chinese government has been on the defensive since wheat gluten spiked with melamine was found in pet food, and antifreeze was found in counterfeit Colgate toothpaste. Both products were made in China.

Just last month, 60 people were sickened by a snack food which contained seasoning, that the maker said came contaminated with salmonella from China.

Lo said consumers can rest assured that the product his company is bringing in is not effected.

I willl have to try some.

Cornfields, children and waterballet said...


You crack me up. I will have to send you and Myrna some!

Love it!