Monday, October 15, 2007

The boy is so lucky--I mean blessed!

It's only Monday! WOW!
So today I pick Cameron up from his afternoon preschool. He goes to the First Baptist Church Preschool just around the corner. FUN! Anyway, he hands me a little note called a "Child Behavior Report." INTERESTING! I don't think anything of it and just toss it on the front seat of the van. EEK! That's what he gets for being the fourth baby! So, about 5:00 PM I look at all the kid's school papers. Guess what?! Cameron had a time out today. The note says: "After being asked several times to sit still and be quiet during circle time, we had to put him in time out." Who are they talking about? My little darling Cameron! NO!!!!!!! Couldn't be.

Judge for yourself. I just clicked these photo's above of our little darling sleeping. Do you think Cameron would give his teacher a hard time? I just can't believe it!
I am so grateful for "sleep." I mean Cameron's sleep time!~


Anonymous said...

A perfect angel! What's her problem? LOL


Amazed said...

I love sleeping children. They are so...I don't know...quiet!