Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Snider Family pet--Miss Gretchen von Snider

Many of you have asked to see the "new" Snider puppy! Well, Miss Gretchen von Snider has been with us for three months now. She is fully house broken and a very fun puppy! She is what Christopher needed and Cameron prays for several times each day. In fact, if you forget to pray for the dog, you will get a four-year-old lecture on not forgetting Gretchen. If you are the Prophet of the church, President Hinckley, our Bishop, Ryan Page, or Gretchen, our puppy, Cameron prays for you many, many times a day. TOO FUNNY!

Gretchen is a mini-schnauzer. She was one of four puppies born in Ashland, NE on February 19, 2007. She is what they call "salt and pepper." She is very easy going and loves to play.

If Daren has it all figured out correctly, Gretchen will be the one and only "Snider family pet." Schnauzer's usually live around 15 years and Daren figures just about the time Cameron is ready to go off on his mission Gretchen will be about that age. Interesting how some of the Snider minds work?! I just think she's cute. It's a lot like having another child, but she is getting so much easier to have around.

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