Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Seeing life through a new perspective!

This week is suppose to be my "get-stuff-around-the-house" time. I have been teaching for 13 weeks and there many areas of this house that NEED--OK "Scream"--my attention! The kids are all in school for at least part of the time this week. Cameron has preschool on three mornings and the other three kids are in school full days now! NICE!

Yesterday I got all the "stuff" out of the master bedroom. You know what I mean, all the stuff the kids think I need next to my bed and all the "other" stuff that gets crammed in there. It feels so good. You can actually see floor/carpet and I have all my clothes on hangers--and colored coded in the closet. YAH-HOO! Don't even ask about that one...

I don't know why, but I started the laundry yesterday. I NEVER DO LAUNDRY ON MONDAY'S! Well, on the second to the last load I realized why I was doing laundry today. The dryer started making a sound and sending out this smoke and so....yes, I will be buying a new dryer today. It's only money, RIGHT?! I just keep telling myself that.

And to end the day on a even more perfect note, Daren was putting Laura to bed last night and as he went to go by some of my "craft" stuff he cut his leg on a piece of metal I had just bought. You see, my friend Heather, has these great crafts she does and then I get the bug and well, poor Daren's leg got to see the piece of metal a little too closely last night. There was blood everywhere. He was such a good sport about the whole thing! The craft stuff is definitely going back downstairs TONIGHT! I promise.

I just am so thankful for good friends and to a Heavenly Father who knows me and really cares about me. Let me explain just briefly:

On Sunday they put a new counselor in the bishopric. Harmless, RIGHT?! Well the man that was called was not a man I would have seen as a bishopric member. His wife and her best friend had been the one's that had broken a confidence about five years ago and then had verbally abused me in front of several members of this ward. Kearney has not been the most "heart-warming" place for me as far as the church goes. This ward is certainly different than any I have lived in and I think I have lived in some very interesting wards.

So basically I spent all day Sunday crying. I spent Monday "paralyzed" by the event and today I am much better prepared to do what needs to get done. I am ready to make myself a better person! I know what I need to do. Will it happen over night?! No, but I am really going to try.
Again, the Lord knows me and I know what he expects from me and I want to change.

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